Monthly Archives: June 2008

Premiere of ‘Ether’

I premiered my MA final project ‘Ether’ at a Yoga Center. It was an evening to celebrate the completion of the first month course. My project was relevant because it is based on one of the elements, which was discussed in the lectures. Also all the photographs were taken at the top of the local mountain.



It was great to get informal feedback. People were really impressed by the music, someone inquired about buying the album. I received positive feedback about the visuals. I was watching the audience as they were watching the video and they were all captivated by the ‘Ether’ video. A few people were inspired to climb the mountain the following morning. A few people also asked me about how I created the video. It was interesting to hear how different people interpreted the hand drawn circles in the movie. One person described what I did as ‘Tabla VJing’, I like the sound of that.